Dwayne Adams, Graphic Designer
Back in the early 2000's, my Design professor would say "Content is king." I didn't quite understand what she meant, but I would eventually see the invaluable wisdom she was trying to impart. The Design process, for me, often boils down to one of reduction, organization, and hierarchy, where content is distilled by taking various bits of information and applying line, rhythm, image, typography, color, texture, and whatever else might be needed to insure that only relevant, engaging content is what gets noticed, not noise and distraction.
Now that I've been doing this professionally for nearly two decades, I can honestly say I still love what I do. Throughout my career, I have been described as methodical, detail-oriented, and highly organized by clients and employers alike. What may go unnoticed, however, is my ability to tune everything out and focus on what I'm doing. Such abilities are more rare than one might think.
I've worked for political consultants doing direct mail, I've done book covers and an illustrated book for an author editing service, I've been an in-house designer for multiple companies, and I've done tons of logos and other communications, both in print and digital, for clients like Crijo Pet Products, City of Heflin (Alabama), the Cleburne County Chamber of Commerce, Winning Edge Communications, The Southern Torch, and more. So... let's see how I can make your brand shine!